Here we publish full list of scientific projects accomplished by ISS HUMANICA members in years 2008 – 2011:

  • Kwidzyn Land Survey, 2008/9, field survey completed, in cooperation with Student Society WOD.O.LOT – part of the Prussian Land Survey Project.
  • Inferfaculty documentation archaeological and ethnography sites in north – eastern Poland , 2010
  • Archaeological Workshops in Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw, 2010/2011.
  • Medieval settlement of Chełm land from the air, 2009/10.
  • Silesia Castles from the Air , 2010 – in progress.
  • Gothic Castles from the Air, 2010 – in progress
  • Comparative study on monumental art  and architecture, on the Islamic culture influence north eastern border. Autonomy of Crimea, 2011 – back from field in September.
  • Early Islamic architecture of Andalusia and its successors. Spain, 2011 – delayed
  • Maritime trade and maritime routes between Far East and Arabia from 6th century AD to 12th century AD. United Kingdom, India, Oman, 2011
  • Crimean Tatar Medieval Settlement, 2012

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